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Snack, Food & Combination Vendors

We are distrbutors for the range of Automated Merchandising Systems (AMS) snack, food and combination vendors.
We are also distributors for the full range of Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) snack, food and combination vendors, as shown below.

The CMS Range

The Merchant

This unit is available as a Snack, food or combination variant
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The Shoppertron

This unit has the flexibility to vend any combination of foodstuffs
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The AMS Range

AMS Sensit Snack

AMS Visi-Combo

AMS Visi-Diner

AMS Bottle & Food

Milk Machine

The Outsider

Healthy Vend


Available looks

AMS vendors have generally been known for their basic black appearance. For customers who wish to save every pound possible, black provides a clean attractive and cost-friendly look.
However some customers require a more evolved look to match décor or plant food-court surroundings. In those cases AMS is pleased to offer a different look.
First there's the "Executive Look" which gives AMS 35” and 39” indoor vendors a black and silver color scheme.
Secondly, AMS 39” indoor merchandisers are now available with a convex look called "Elite." These rounded areas below and above the glass front are prime locations for graphics.
The contoured Elite shown has Executive trim but is also available with your personalized graphics.

Executive Elite